Training is a key components of the success in a software project. Proper training will not only reduce the personnel resistance to change but also upgrade the efficiency of the Bank’s employees.

The IDCORP Company’s strategy is to train a trainer in the banks, it means that the trainers of the Bank train the end user of the system. This strategy reduce training costs of the Bank and train a certified trainers for the Bank to train new staff in the future.

The IDCORP training courses are offered in the following headings:

The courses will be hold based on the Bank's request, both in continuous and full-time format or a few hours per day and for a longer time period.

The training headlines and the duration will be assigned based on the Bank's request and will be recommend by IDCORP in accordance with the scheduling of the company. The content and the length of each training period should provide all the necessary concepts and experiences in addition to the Bank experts’ guidance and execution of the subject of the contract.